Colon Tonic Daytime

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Colon Tonic daytime is formulated to be used as a daily fiber which cleanse, detox, tone, aid digestion, help relief constipation and to taste pleasant.
Key benefits:
•    Relief constipation without the use of any laxatives
•    Pleasant taste of Peppermint and Licorice
•    Pleasant and smooth experience
•    Daytime laxative
•    High volume of herbs that are good for digestion and colon Colon Tonic daytime helps relief    constipation without the use of any laxatives.
While taking Colon Tonic you should not experience any unnatural urge to go to the toilet normally associated with laxatives. This makes it possible to take the blend on regular work days.We achieve this by using fibers and a high volume of herbs that are good for digestion and colon. Colon Tonic has a very pleasant taste of Peppermint and Licorice. This simple translate into a pleasant and smooth experience.
Ingredients: Psyllium seeds and husks, Flax seeds*, food grade Bentonite clay, Apple Pectin*, Peppermint leaf**, Chamomile flowers**, Licorice root**, Rose Hips**, Activated Hardwood Charcoal and Fennel seed**.
*Certified Organic **Wild Crafted
Each container of Colon Tonic contains 16 oz or 60 - 1 tbs. servings.   Dietary fiber: 3 grams per serving of 1 tbs. (18% of daily value)  

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