Colon Tonic Evening

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Colon Tonic Evening is a herbal laxative, which works through natural bulking and fiber agents, while having herbs which stimulates movement within the colon.

Key benefits:
•    Powerful laxative best taken in the evening
•    Can stimulate bowel movement as quick as 3 hour
•    Soothes and coats irritated tissue
•    Trigger contractions in the colon, which causes a urge

What to expect: Colon Tonic Evening is be taken in the evening, at around 5:00 pm, while at home. Colon tonic evening is a true laxative and most clients experience bowel movement within 3 hours after taking 1 - 2 servings (1 Tbs). The aim of the formula is for you to experience all your bowel movements before you go the works the next morning, which is what most clients have being experiencing.

Ingredients: Psyllium husks, Senna leaf**, Flax seeds*, Marshmallow root**, Slippery Elm aged bark**, Cascara sagrada bark**, Elderberry fruit**, Ginger root**, Psyllium seed, Red Raspberry fruit**, Natural Raspberry flavor*, and Stevia extract.

*Certified Organic and **Wild Crafted

Serving: 30 servings per container; 1 tablespoon per serving.

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