Living Greens

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Living Greens is a full range blood building super-foods blend of alkalizing vegetables and tubers, providing a natural source of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll and other healing substances. Living Greens is primarily a chlorophyll powder, delivering the healing power of green vegetable but without the chlorophyll taste.

Key benefits:
•    Great Tasting chlorophyll rich blood builder
•    Herbal multivitamin, phytochemicals and mineral
•    Various nutrients for healthy connective tissue, bone, nail, hair and skin
•    Detoxify and alkalize the body
•    Nutrients are all organic (plant) and balanced

Powdered fresh vegetable juice, herbal multivitamin, green food. We have added to the vegetables and tubers some nutrient rich powders that deliver a good taste, yet without sacrificing any of the primary reason for the blend, which is a blood building green vegetable juice powder. Living Greens has natural vanilla flavor and sweetened with stevia.

Serving size: 2 tbs. (11 grams) with a total of 30 servings. Weight: 12 oz

Ingredients: Alfalfa leaf powder*, Barley grass powder*, Wheatgrass powder*, Kale powder, Spinach leaf powder*, Carrot powder*, Shavegrass herb powder*, Dandelion leaf powder*, Red Clovers blossoms powder*, Nettle leaf powder*, Watercress herb powder, Ginger root powder*, Beet root powder*, Licorice root powder*, Chlorella powder (cracked cell walls)*, Purple Dulse leaf*, Vanilla extract (in org. sucrose)*, and Stevia.

* Organic USDA Certified

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Living Greens
Written by JOYCE NOLDEN on May 12th 2020

Full of antioxidants. Busy morning...no time to prepare breakfast...my complete go to meal. Light meal in the evening.

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