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Living Greens caps

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Living Greens (capsules) is a full range blood building super-foods blend of alkalizing vegetables and tubers, providing a natural source of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll and other healing substances. Living Greens is primarily a chlorophyll powder, delivering the healing power of green vegetable but without the chlorophyll taste.


Key benefits:

  • Blood building herbal vitamins
  • Herbal multivitamin, phytochemicals and mineral
  • Various nutrients for healthy connective tissue, bone, nail, hair and skin
  • Detoxify and alkalize the body
  • Nutrients are all organic (plant) and balanced


Ingredients: Kale powder org, Spinach powder org, Alfalfa powder org, Barley powder org, Wheat Grass powder org, Horsetail org shavegrass, Watercress powder wild, Dandelion leaf wildcrafted, Stinging Nettle org, Chlorella org, and Purple Dulse org

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